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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Okay so I finally won something!

The Goodreads community have numerous prerelease books listed for giveaway by publishers and authors, and members can enter to win. They call it "First Reads." Winners are picked randomly at the end of the giveaway.  I have entered a number of them over the last few days in all different genres and subjects. Well, lo and behold, I actually won one! Entering on the last day it was open, I was selected to win a copy of Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore by Stella Duffy.

The blurbs provided are as follows:
THEODORA is based on the life of Theodora of Constantinople, who started out as an actress and prostitute and rose to become the Empress of Rome and a saint in the Orthodox Church. Roman historian Procopius praises her piety and saintliness in his Wars of Justinian while his Secret History gives salacious details of her stage act and maligns her as ruthless and power hungry.
So who was Theodora? Social climber, politician, or saint? In Stella Duffy's page turning historical novel, she's a little of each. From her humble beginnings as an acrobat and dancer (and by extension a prostitute) to her religious conversion in the African desert to her fame as Empress of Rome and social reformer, Theodora lived an incredible life, and Duffy brings her story roaring to life on the page. Charming, charismatic, and controversial, Theodora's is a story of a powerful, little-known historical figure that will absolutely captivate you.
Roman historian Procopius publicly praised Theodora of Constantinople for her piety-while secretly detailing her salacious stage act and maligning her as ruthless and power hungry. So who was this woman who rose from humble beginnings as a dancer to become the empress of Rome and a saint in the Orthodox Church? Award-winning novelist Stella Duffy vividly recreates the life and times of a woman who left her mark on one of the ancient world's most powerful empires. Theodora: Actress, Empress, Whore is a sexy, captivating novel that resurrects an extraordinary, little-known figure from the dusty pages of history.
As with any number of other books on historical figures, a great deal of speculation and creative license is implied. There are so few facts and details available on such a small cast member in the ranks of history. Even some of the larger figures have little hard evidence to their daily lives (Jesus is a prime example).

I'm looking forward to reading this one to see how it gels.

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