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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Final Summit A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity By Andy Andrews

Reading the sequel without reading the first book has been problematic in the past, by happily there is enough of the back-story provided that this well-written book can indeed stand on its own.

We encounter David Ponder sometime after his adventures of the first book, as well as sometime after his beloved wife of more than 40 years has passed quietly in her sleep. He is distraught and seemingly adrift in his own little world. He reminisces about his wife and seeks solace in his sachet of mementos obtained in the travels (covered in the first book). In his despair, he looks up to see the archangel who had previously whisked him away. He now has a new task, one of tremendous importance. With the assistance of historical persons assembled to aid him in his new quest, David is told the rules, the manner in which the solution must be found to the all-important Question, and the hourglass is put in motion.

The author cleverly draws upon actual correspondence and transcripts of Winston Churchill, Abraham Lincoln, Eric Erickson and George Washington Carver, as well as historical records pertaining to Joan of Arc and biblical references to King David, to breath life into David's dilemma. Andy Andrews has done a splendid job of creating a believable Summit of personalities and dialogues to flesh out potential answers to the Question posed. The clever splicing of little-known facts regarding these attendees, these fictional fellow Travelers of David's, brings a fullness to the historical figures in his world and helps to lend credibility to his representation of "the everyman" chosen for this fictional task.

Andrews' use of philosophy and dialogue truly brings the reader into the discussion, nodding in agreement with each answer, following the arc and the scope of the debate to its "eureka moment" and the final Answer. The inspirational conclusion will spur anyone into action, even if the action is merely to change one's mind.

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